ioralcare is an FDA registered dental supplier, focusing on developing, customizing, and manufacturing home teeth whitening products, mouthguards and small dental equipment. All services are for brand owners, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

Brands We Work With

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Home Teeth Whitening

For teeth whitening at home, we provide home teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening trays, and whitening lights. Feel like using a wireless whitening light? Let ioralcare experts customize one for you. Want a wire whitening light with various adapters? Our teeth whitening trays also go with all of our teeth whitening lights. Strengthen your business with home teeth whitening products from ioralcare.

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Customize professional and comfortable mouthguards for all impact sports, and braces, snoring, and teeth grinding. We do not limit our mouthguards to a specific purpose. Users can wear our night guard when playing sports and braces mouthguard during sleeping. Find more possibilities for your customers here with ioralcare.

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Looking For Other Dental Products?

We Develop More Than What You Saw Here!

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A Dental Supplier Offering One-stop Solution

Top-quality Material

Raw materials are purchased from well-known brands in the industry, such as silicone from Japan's Kuraray.

By building a long-term partnership with material supplier, we always get the best and it allows us to communicate directly with the supplier to get the best prices. That's one of the reasons why our product price is kept within your budget.

Our R&D Capability Facilitates Manufacturing

With our in-house R&D team, we are able to keep up with the trends in the small dental equipment market and offer you personalized dental solution.

Our R&D team conducts market analysis regularly to absorb customers' needs, enabling us to quickly understand your ideas and bring them into reality.

Combined with our advanced facilities and skilled workers, we manufacture uality products at the right price and in a short lead time.

Effective Manufacturing

Our manufacturing features a hardworking team that is devoted to customers' requirements. By setting up separated SMT, injection molding and assembly workshops, we improve efficiency, reduce cost, and deliver goods within lead time.

To focus on your business and increase profit, it helps to have the right supply partner. ioralcare is the reliable dental supplier that you can rely on.

Professional Packaging

We offer blister, color box and PP bags allowing you to get the right solution for your business. With our in-house R&D team and structural engineers, it's easy for you to get the professional packaging.

Different packaging may attract more customers. Tell us your ideas and we will have the exact packaging advice prepared for you. Our packaging complies with rules and regulations in the dental market for each country.

Get Inspired By Our Happy Clients

s05 Edward Cisneros
-Edward Cisneros-

When you work with ioralcare, you will find that communication is so smooth. Order handling, communication, everything becomes easy.

s05 Elijah Hiett
-Elijah Hiett-

I am working with ioralcare for the first time. When talking to them about order details and other issues, you always feel like working with them for a long time. They will always remind me of all kinds of risks and benefit me a lot.

s05 Fred Moon
-Fred Moon-

When I talked to Jeff on the phone, I felt that he was a young man, which made me very insecure. After all, I had never met him and gave him such a large order. But after months of communication, I let go of all my vigilance.

s05 Harry

Just simply amazing, feel lucky purchaser their service, highly appreciate their service & highly recommended to others

s05 Jonas

My biggest win from ioralcare was understanding how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me and that allows me to work in my genius zone and reach the people who need my help the most.

s05 Jonny Ben
-Jonny Ben-

As a founder, there a billion things that need my attention every day. Ioralcare give us key insights about our business without doing any query or pulling data into spreadsheets. It’s been an invaluable service.

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