How to Ensure Best Quality of Teeth Whitening Products by Ioralcare

Who does not want to have a dazzling smile? We all do! But, even though we want it so badly. Some of our favorite beverages and habits are not helping us gain pearly white teeth.  Fortunately, there are teeth whitening products we can choose from to help us maintain our teeth.

You may have encountered several teeth whitening products on the Internet that claims to show results. But, how can make sure that they have the best quality of teeth whitening products? So, before you decide to have a do-it-yourself teeth whitening regimen, you have to ensure you are using the best quality products. 

We have found the ways how you can guarantee a whitener that would best suit your needs.

Identify the Best Whitening Products

It is a challenging decision to make a purchase with several options available. We all know all of the tooth whitening products have their differences. But, you will find something in common with these products.

  • Over-the-Counter Whitening Strips: These products are the simplest teeth whitening maintenance. It comes with whitening strips and instructions. The number of strips and strengths of the strips may vary. But, they would give you enough to cover all of your teeth for daily applications.
  • Professional Tooth Whitening Kits: These are the standard professional whitening products. They usually include two trays that are primarily designed for molding and fitting nicely over the teeth. The kits have syringes or tubes of bleaching gel and trays.

Comparing Quality Teeth Whitening Products

When you choose a teeth whitening product, there are several things you have to consider– the current condition of your teeth, the properties of the whitening product, and your oral history. You may consider some of these key elements when evaluating the quality of a teeth whitening product. 

Active Ingredients

It is almost impossible to disregard the fact that some ingredients may cause discomfort to our gums. That’s why you have to check its active ingredients to make sure you will purchase the best quality teeth whitening products.

The main active ingredient of a teeth whitening product is hydrogen peroxide. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), hydrogen peroxide is a powerful ingredient that can remove stains and discoloration on the dental surface.

You have to be cautious in choosing the products as some contain ingredients that may decompose into byproducts into your mouth. Some manufacturers use ingredients that have ingredients that are not yet to be proven safe or effective.

Clinically Proven Results

Does the product deliver clinically-tested and proven results? No matter which brand you prefer, you have to make sure it is recommended by the dentist. More so, it should deliver the results you yearn. 

There are several professional tooth whitening that is clinically proven to whiten teeth at an average of 5 days. You can excitedly watch your teeth get whiter in every use.

Price Range of the Product

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Would you spend less on products that do not offer reliable results and whose ingredients you cannot trust? Instead, invest in products that use proven technology and will last long after you have reached the white shade you are looking for. 

You need to have your teeth whitening ready whenever you need to touch up or refresh your smile. Do not compromise what’s best for your oral care.

Consult with your Dentist

As with other medical decisions, it is best to consult with an expert before making a decision. You should take the whitening products seriously. Teeth whitening products do not work on crowns, veneers, partials, laminates, and fillings. Do not waste your money if from the start it will not help you. That’s why go for a consultation first.

An opinion from a professional will help you guide your decision in selecting the best quality of teeth whitening products. Dentists are a great source of valuable advice and feedback.

Choose a Trusted Brand

When you look over the whitening products, you have to keep in mind that there are several known products. But, you have to carefully choose the one to choose for your regular oral hygiene. Choosing brands that are well-known can give you assurance and confidence.

Final Thoughts

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful, white smile? You have to be committed to using teeth whitening options. It needs a steadfast commitment for days.  It would be easier if you do not have to review each whitening products you see in the grocery aisle or on the Internet. If you do not have time to review or try several products, start exploring your whitening options with Ioralcare. You can check their products on their website at https://www.ioralcare.com/equipment-rd-lab/.


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