Manufacturing For Your Teeth Whitening Products

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Customize Your Teeth Whitening Products

See how we tailor home teeth whitening products to your needs. Talk to us​ if you want us to help with developing a new product.

  • Function

    Function: Our engineers are able to make whitening lights that have different functions when you press the switch.

  • Product Color

    Not only white and black, we can handle any color you like. Refresh your customers' eyes before refreshing their teeth.

  • Color Of The Light

    Want to separate your products from others? Start with giving a unique color to your products.

  • The Number Of LED Lights

    Need more LED lights to fasten whitening process? 8,16, or 32 LEDs, you name it and we make it happen.

  • Light Wavelength

    Wavelength of whitening lights can be customized to 460-520, 280, 360-370, or 380-390nm. The longer, the better.

  • 3 Adapters

    3 adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB. No need for batteries and extra trays.

  • Home Teeth Whitening Light
  • Home Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Home Teeth Whitening Tray

Home Teeth Whitening Light

With our LED and laser teeth whitening light, the user will be able to see impressive results within one week. It whitens teeth up to 8 shades.

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  • Gum-safe design protects teeth from hurting.
  • FDA registered products is synonymous with top quality.
  • Can be customized to go be wired or wireless.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Our professionally packaged home teeth whitening kit comes with everything one possibly needs and gives excellent results.

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What’s included:

  • 1 TPE mouth trays
  • 3 tubes of whitening gel
  • 1 Shade Guide
  • 1 LED light
  • 1 User Manual

Home Teeth Whitening Tray

Our home teeth whitening trays enable the user to see results after the first application.

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  • Can be added to our teeth whitening light for a better performance.
  • Custom-fits to all teeth comfortably.
  • Medical-grade silicone ensures user’s safety.

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