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Orthodontic Retainer Braces mouthguard


The perfect balance of protection and slim fit Guaranteed to keep you protected and comfortable while you compete. Don’t stop talking even with your mouthpiece!
Strong outer layer helps to absorb oncoming impacts and gel windows near molars help to cushion jaw forces at the back of the mouth.
This mouth guard allows you to talk, shout, drink, and breathe without removing your mouthpiece!

  • CE Certificate
  • FDA Certificate

Customization Options

  • Function

    Our engineers are able to make whitening lights that play different functions when you switch the button.

  • Product Color

    Not only white and black, we can handle any color you like. Refresh your customers' eyes before refreshing their teeth.

  • Color Of The Light

    Want to separate your products from others? Start with giving a unique color to your products.

  • The Number Of LED Lights

    Need more LED lights to fasten whitening process? 8,16, or 32 LEDs, you name it and we make it happen.

  • Light Wavelength

    Wavelength of whitening lights can be customized to 460-520, 280, 360-370, or 380-390nm. The longer, the better.

  • 3 Adapters

    3 adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB. No need for batteries and extra trays.

How To Use

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Step 1

Bring a small pot of water to the bowl.

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Step 2

Boil water for 30 seconds, remove from heat, and place the mouth guard in for 10-15 seconds for disinfection. (Or directly disinfect with alcohol.)

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Step 3

Remove with tongs. Dip the mouth guard into cold water for 1 second.

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Step 4

Wear it directly

If you have any questions, please review FAQs or Contact Us. Our personnel is trained to provide top quality and individual service tailored to requirment.

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