Take you to understand China’s teeth whitening gel

If you plan to purchase tooth whitening kits from China, you must think of tooth whitening gel, because tooth whitening gel is the most important accessory. How do you buy safe and reliable tooth whitening gel from China? As a buyer, you have to understand the following six points.

1. Components of tooth whitening gel

It consists of the following parts, whitening gel, gel tube, pushes rod or knob push rod, and needle or brush. The ingredients of the gel are hydrogen peroxide/urea peroxide, carbomer, deionized water, propylene glycol, glycerin, pH regulator, glycerin, a small number of stabilizers and flavors (such as peppermint), of which hydrogen peroxide and peroxide Urea is the most important, and I will focus on explaining them below.

2. In China, where is the local gel market?

Needless to say, this is generally in dental clinics, hospitals, e-commerce, and beauty clubs. The beauty clubs and e-commerce are not strictly regulated, resulting in whitening teeth gels of different quality levels. Therefore, for patients, dental clinics and hospitals are the first choices, followed by e-commerce (need to have a certain record of basic stores).

3. Control of the gel in China

At present, more than 95% of the gels sold in the Chinese market are all produced in a chemical ratio, which involves chemicals and is used in human dental products. The regulatory condition is that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide contained in the gel cannot exceed 3% before it can be circulated in the general market, such as e-commerce and beauty club channels. If the concentration is less than 3%, the speed of teeth whitening will be very slow, but for consumers, they are undesirable. As a result, gels with a concentration of 6-12% will appear on the market, but they are not compliant. You can only buy high-concentration whitening gels through approved dental clinics and hospitals. However, the cost of dental clinics and hospitals will be very high, so there will be a contradiction here. If you want to quickly whiten, you need to pay high fees to dental clinics and hospitals. The gels in the general market, unapproved high-concentration gels, consumers will have quality concerns, although its price is much lower. Finding a good, cheap, and compliant supplier is what buyers want most.

(You can check my last article to explain in detail the classification of gel control https://jingsourcing.com/bg-teeth-whitening-certificate/)

4. Where is the concentration of gel manufacturers in China?

To buy a safe and reliable tooth whitening gel in China, you need to go to the industry to find it. Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. These three places are the three most important cities for gel production in China. If you want to purchase safe and reliable gel, these 3 places have to be considered.

5. Gel manufacturer, current sales in China

Due to the strict control of gels, more than 95% of gel manufacturers are mainly export-oriented. There are very few producers who can sell on the Chinese market because they need to have a lot of qualification certificates and need to bear high costs. The remaining gel manufacturers will supply to e-commerce and beauty clubs.

6. How to export safely?

All buyers need to know is how can I purchase a safe and reliable tooth whitening gel. There are now two methods. First, directly find a manufacturer that specializes in producing gels, and have a manufacturer that specializes in exporting. Second, looking for a company that has been engaged in American dental products for many years and has a rich export experience. In short, as long as it can find a manufacturer that can produce American dental lamps and can export, he must be able to export together gel.

(How to find a reliable beauty lamp manufacturer, please check my last article https://jingsourcing.com/bg-teeth-whitening-manufacturer/)

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