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Moldable Thermofitting Teeth Whitening Trays


Directions-PREFITTING PROCEDURE: Place one tray in your mouth placing on your upper teeth. Practice sucking the air from the tray. This is the procedure you will use when you retrieve the trays from the boiling water to contour the tray to the inside surface of your teeth. Do the same procedure with the other tray with your lower teeth. BOILING WATER: Boil a pan of water. Remove the water from the heat. Place the tray in the hot water by the tab. Leave in water for 3-4 seconds. FITTING THE TRAY: Lift the tray from the water using the tab. Quickly place the tray around the teeth and perform the same sucking procedure as practiced with the prefitting procedure. To avoid gel contact with the sensitive tissues of your mouth, take small scissors and/or nail clippers and trim your trays on the gingival line (teeth/gum line).

  • CE Certificate
  • FDA Certificate

Customization Options

  • Function

    Our engineers are able to make whitening lights that play different functions when you switch the button.

  • Product Color

    Not only white and black, we can handle any color you like. Refresh your customers' eyes before refreshing their teeth.

  • Color Of The Light

    Want to separate your products from others? Start with giving a unique color to your products.

  • The Number Of LED Lights

    Need more LED lights to fasten whitening process? 8,16, or 32 LEDs, you name it and we make it happen.

  • Light Wavelength

    Wavelength of whitening lights can be customized to 460-520, 280, 360-370, or 380-390nm. The longer, the better.

  • 3 Adapters

    3 adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB. No need for batteries and extra trays.

How To Use

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How To Use-1
Step 1

To soften the tray boil water and pour it into a flat bottom container.

How To Use-2
Step 2

Allow water to cool for a few seconds, you must take care of possible scalding by using adequate protection.

How To Use-3
Step 3

Submerge the tray into the water and keep submerged for 5 to 7 seconds using the grip handle.

How To Use-4
Step 4

Lift the tray out allowing excess water to fall away. Swiftly place the tray to teeth and repeat the sucking step, avoid biting!

How To Use-5
Step 5

Press onto the rapidly cooling tray with your fingers to expel any remaining air and water. Do this for about 15 seconds, once done remove the tray and place it in cool water to set for a few seconds, trim any extra tray material down to the shape of the gum line to minimize gum irritation by tray or gel.

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